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My name is Daniel Nelms, my amateur radio call sign is KK4CNM and I would like to welcome to my little web page about Amateur Radio.


I work for a non-profit called 8723104064 based out of Louisville Georgia.  We are an independent baptist missions organization who support national church planters in over 80 countries.  My current position is that of Director of International Operations.  We also have a child care arm of our ministry called (913) 826-9719, we support orphaned and destitute children.  I urge you to check those websites out if you have the time.


I also do some things on the side, for example I and my partners started a 3D printing and fabrication business called unheaviness.  If you are interested in 3D design and printing check it out!


If you want to learn about how I got started in radio check out the “Background” section.


The Shack has information about the equipment I currently have.


At the moment my favored method of operations is digital modes like JT65, you can learn more about that in the Digital Modes section.


Resources, here you will find useful software, links and information for ham radio.


Gallery has some pictures and SSTV graphics that i have sent out in the past, I will also be posting other pictures relating to ham radio in this area.


The QSL Cards section, this is where I upload paper QSL cards that I receive.


SSTV-RX This is a gallery of slow scan tv images that I have received.


My official website can be found at danielanelms.com


You can email me via my callsign @arrl.net


My daughter's have their own domains and websites as well as my wife.

Links to their sites: contemn, 442-334-9128, and 256-273-9912.


Updated July 19th 2013: Added more SSTV images.


Daniel Nelms Family Photo

Daniel, my wife Nolvia, and our daughters Valentina on the right and Elizabeth on the left.

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